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There is currently a lot of competition in the GPS Industry. So we are well aware of the fact that, if we are not superior to other GPS companies for less, we won't be around for long. And this is to your benefit in many ways. We ourselves, as a growing business in this economical recession, understand that value...meaning lowest not the only consideration. There is also quality of service. So with quality service, combined with the lowest rates, we feel we have the winning recipe for both us and you.


"Eye In The Sky is truly a TOP NOTCH COMPANY all the way around. I use them exclusively. I DEFINITELY recommend them! "
Rob Bradley Mgr.
Sameday Shipping - Az.

Welcome to Eye In The Sky

Eye In The Sky is a company that takes GPS Tracking VERY SERIOUSLY. Since our entire business is based on this service and it is all we do, we are the BEST at it in the industry. What that means to you is that, should you decide to go with us, the people who you are trusting to track your vehicles are not being pulled in multiple directions. Tracking is our dedication. All of our funding goes into tracking equipment and more training on tracking for our employees. We strive for a completely flawless system. Much of our competition offers many services...a Jack of all trades but a master at none. We have a reputable company who we like to use for the GPS installations; Prestige GPS Solutions...but we will cover a little more about them later.

Why you want us

Our goal is to provide both businesses and private individuals with the capability to instantly locate whatever it is that they value most. Whether you are tracking a loved one or a fleet vehicle, you need to have the capability to locate it anytime, anywhere...right? With our technologically advanced service, you can do just that. You can see what route they took to get where they are, and see if they obeyed speed limits or if there were any unauthorized breaks or stops. It's the best way to be in a hundred places at once when it is most important to be. This system could save your business lots of headaches and money. What we mean by that is, if you have an employee who regularly breaks the speed limit in excess of 30 mph in a residential neighborhood, eventually he will be involved in a accident. And knowing this info beforehand can save legal fees, insurance fees and disability costs. That is just one out of a million ways this could save your company lots.

Prestige GPS Solutions

We use Prestige GPS Solutions every time we need installations done. At one point, we used several companies, but we had customer complaints and hardware failures more on the installations that were done by other companies. Of course, they do installations for other tracking companies as well as we track for GPS devices that have already been installed as long as they are compatible with our system. Prestige GPS Solutions also offers only one service...that is GPS installations. That may play a part in why they do quality work.

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